The seat post with integrated LED rear light!

LightSKIN LED seatpost is a must-have for all biking enthusiasts and sure to attract attention in urban traffic. Five LED were integrated into the seatpost in a space-saving and stylish way on a quest to replace common external taillights. Fully weatherproof, LightSKIN offers everything you need in urban traffic and more: The seatpost enables a pure design while still maintaining material strength and function. Compared to common taillights, LightSKIN offers numerous further advantages: Since the lights are completely integrated into the seatpost, they are safe from theft and damage. LightSKIN’s topmost LED functions as a control button for five different light modes. Two AA batteries located inside the seatpost provide up to 400 hours of illumination. To change the batteries, the seatpost is simply removed and new batteries are inserted. Thanks to its patented interior structure and a silicone-coating, LightSkin seatpost is completely weatherproof. There is simply no better (and more stylish) way to show your taillights to local SUV’s and law enforcement alike.

Specifications: Available in the following variants:
Compared with the standard rear lights , the LightSKIN offers numerous other advantages : Since the lighting system is completely integrated in the seat post , damage by external influences is almost impossible, even a theft is not so easy. The top of the five LED of LightSKIN acts as a control knob for three light modes . Two small and light alkaline AA batteries provide lighting for up to 400 hours. To replace the batteries, the seat post is easily disassembled and the batteries can be replaced. Even rain can the system not mind because the LightSKIN seatpost is completely weatherproof thanks to the patented inner structure and a silicone coating . You can not show the rear lights to SUV drivers and order officials in traffic in a more stylish way than you do with a LightSKIN.
ON push for short time
OFF push for longer time(except when all LEDs glow permanently)
switch mode push short time when LightSkin is in ON-mode

installation height

The seat post should protrude sufficiently far enough out of the frame.

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manual for LightSKIN [PDF]